About eProjects Plus

The eProjects Panel (ePP) ceiling threshold for procurements (which was originally set at $700k) now aligns with the updated State Procurement Board’s (SPB) low value procurement threshold of $4.4M. Given the greater threshold an additional project category within the ePP, Software-as-a-Service is (SaaS) is available. The intention is to provide agencies with a simple way of procuring cloud services, while meeting current South Australian Government rules and regulations. As a result, Strategic Procurement, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, has launched a new portal, eProjects Plus Panel (ePPP) for agencies to transact with suppliers for ICT projects between the value of $700K and $4.4M (GST incl). A benefit of using the ePPP is that suppliers on the panel are pre-qualified and have signed-up to a set of standard terms and conditions. The intended benefits and objectives include:

  • Streamlining procurement processes
  • Reducing the cost of procurements
  • Reducing the risk of projects and procurements
  • Improving outcomes for projects
  • Improving access to government ICT procurements
  • Reducing the cost of doing business with government
  • Improving knowledge sharing across government
  • Improving management information relating to in scope procurements

The panel uses a risk-based approach to determine insurance and liability requirements.

The broad service categories for the eProjects Plus Panel are:
  • System Development/Deployment
  • Integration
  • Professional Project Services
  • Other Information and Technology Projects, including Software-as-a-Service